St. Michael's Castlepollard

Special Church Service Timetable to facilitate Annual Leave

29th August 2021 11.30am United Service of Morning Prayer
5th September 2021 10.00am United Service of Morning Prayer, St Bride’s, Oldcastle
12th September 2021   In order to facilitate Annual Leave, there will be no Church Services in the Union on this date.
19th September 2021 11.30am Holy Communion
26th September 2021 11.30am Holy Communion
3rd October 2021 11.30am Holy Communion 

Scripture Readings

29th Aug  

Exodus 12: 21-27  

Matthew 5: 1-20  

The 13th Sunday after Trinity


5th Sept

Isaiah 35: 4-7a

Matthew 6: 1-8  

The 14th Sunday after Trinity


19th Sept  

James 3: 13-18

Mark 9: 30-37  

The 16th Sunday after Trinity


26th Sept  

James 5: 13-20

Mark 9: 38-50  

The 17th Sunday after Trinity


3rd Oct  

Micah 6: 6-8  

Mark 10: 2-16  

The 18th Sunday after Trinity


Many individuals find Bible reading notes useful in beginning or maintaining regular personal Bible study. The New Daylight notes published by The Bible Reading Fellowship come highly recommended and are available to purchase in church. If you would like to find out more, please contact Bridget Taylor for details.